Build Your Own Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber


Build Your Own Lightsaber

Want to build your own lightsaber? The Hasbro Ultimate Lightsaber lets you build your own custom Star Wars lightsaber with electronic lights and sounds. Eighteen mix-and-match parts, including a variety of hilts, crystals, and end caps, combine to make your own custom light saber with more than 1000 possible configurations.

Designing your own Ultimate Lightsaber means you get to choose the hilt shape and details as well as the lightsaber blade color, and with the easy-to-assemble pieces of the Ultimate Light Saber, you can build your own over and over again. The Ultimate Lightsaber makes a replica of a Sith or Jedi light saber with customizable colors, hilts, and end caps, as well as realistic sounds and a telescoping, life-size blade.

Make your own custom electronic lightsaber like Yoda's, then take it apart and start over to make a Darth Vader lightsaber, or a classic blue Jedi lightsaber, or a new style from your own imagination. The possibilities are endless when you build your own with the Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber.

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Star Wars Custom Ultimate Lightsaber

Star Wars Ultimate Light Saber Sample Configurations

The sample Ultimate Lightsabers designs at right show how varied your custom lightsaber can be when you build your own, and these are only four of the over 1000 possible customized designs. Included in the box when you buy the Hasbro Ultimate Lightsaber are the following parts and accessories:

The Ultimate Lightsaber uses three AA batteries (not included) and is intended for ages 6 and up.

Build Your Own Lightsaber with the Ultimate Lightsaber Toy

Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber Parts to Build Your Own Lightsaber

The easy-to-assemble parts of the Ultimate Lightsaber are all separate and interchangeable. Handle pieces are gray, black, or gold and include assorted hilt sleeves, end caps, and sleeve rings. Sounds and blade colors can be changed simply by switching or combining the included green, blue, and red Ilum crystals. Use the crystals separately for the familiar colors of Jedi and Sith lightsabers, or combine two crystal for a custom color. The different crystal combinations also affect the lightsaber sounds that you'll hear when you hit something with the blade. In any color, you'll instantly recognize the cool hum of the lightsaber blade, just like in the Star Wars movies.

It's never been easier to build your own lightsaber. Make a custom electronic lightsaber with the Ultimate Lightsaber, and may the force be with you!